Day 46, 47, 48


I’m getting behind on the ol’ blog. It’s tricky to update with company in the house and general business. It’s not slowing down for a few weeks so I thought I better get here and write.

The last several days have been really emotional. Lots going on and I haven’t been handling it very well. I know it’s a process so I’m not beating myself up about it, but just trying to keep my head down and not lash out.

I have a lot of blog post ideas and need to sit down and write some of them out so I have them ready when I’m stuck on what to write about. Usually when I sit down here I don’t have any problem thinking of things to say. The trick is actually sitting down to write.

Last week I did a big scary thing I booked a campsite in California for the end of November. I am going seaside camping alone and taking a surf lesson too. Two things I have dreamed about doing for years but have been too afraid to do. I’m still afraid. Terrified, actually. But I’m going to go because I have lived 45 years of my life avoiding things that make me uncomfortable. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and really going to do the things I dream of doing and the things that scare me to death.

So that’s happening and I feel really good about it. Mentally I’m good because it feels so far away. It will be here before I know it. The call of the ocean is very strong for me. Every couple months I feel it pulling me west. The sound of the waves crashing into the sand is like my xanax. It’s soothing and comforting with its steady repetition. I sleep better by the ocean. I breath better.

There will be many things to update here in the next month. I’m excited to share my new and old adventures coming up.

Random Photo:


Willie Nelson! This was such a great show.

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