Day 38


I expected some shift to happen with my tastebuds. I thought I would experience brighter and stronger flavors once I stopped drinking. I didn’t expect to hate meat.

Not all meat is sending me over the edge. Perhaps not all meat is created equal, which is true, but I so far can’t stomach chorizo, salami, meatballs, brisket, or pork dumplings. Hot dogs taste odd and Wendy’s hamburgers, yuck.

Beef short rib

This beef short rib dish though? Pure heaven. Last night we met friends for dinner at Okra in Phoenix. They specialize in southern inspired foods and their menu is a long list of everything good about the south. We all had trouble picking just one dish. Our appetizers consisted of pork rinds, fried dilly beans (everyone’s favorite), mac and cheese balls (everyone’s least favorite), and hushpuppies. The dinner selections were spot on southern goodness. I ventured into my meat aversion territory by choosing beef. Luckily, this dish was so well prepared I had no trouble eating it all.

Fried Chicken

I’m sure my taste will go back to normal eventually, but if in the meantime that means I am eating good quality meat, so be it. I guess I’ll have to live with myself.

Oh, and the bartender made a fantastic Arnold Palmer for us as a non-boozy option. They charged us $3 with free refills.

Random Photo:


I took the wrong trail the other day and ended up wandering around in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. It’s pretty out there.

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