24 & 25


Yesterday I posted on Facebook that quote above. These things are totally cheesy, and I’m not sure why we like them so much, but it was really resonating with me that day. It still is resonating as I think back to how I lost myself in the six years of drinking. It seems so cliche to say I thought I would find myself in the bottom of a bottle of vodka, but it’s true. During those years of drinking I became anxious, depressed, insecure, jealous, and so much more. So lost. Luckily, since I got sober I feel more stable mentally and stronger physically. I’m not entirely without those things. I feel them but not as intensely or as out of controlly as before.

Tomorrow I am going to a 5:30am workout class. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m sure it’s going to kick my ass. I don’t think I have ever been to a group exercise class other than yoga. Oh, except that one time I tried a spinning class and couldn’t walk for a week. Who does spinning? That is pure torture. My prediction is that this will be interesting. I’m pretty sure they won’t let me just walk away when the going gets tough. Not that I would, but shit, what if the going gets tough?! What if I’m just a pile of sweat and tears and flappy muscles lying in a heap on the ground hoping the instructor doesn’t notice I’m there? I’ll just let you sit with that image for a minute. I’m going to live it tomorrow.

I love running and yoga but the whole group exercise thing is weird to me. I think I’m more of a solitary beast. I prefer to roam alone in the exercise world. Like an….animal that roams alone….what’s an animal that roams alone? Tiger? The only animals I can picture right now are pack animals. OH wait, a unicorn. Yes, I’m a unicorn. Boom. I can’t believe it took me 25 days to work a unicorn into a blog post.

Drop the mic I’m going to bed. I feel like it’s best to end on a unicorn note. It’s always best to end on a unicorn note.

Random Photo:


Dim Sum at Mekong Palace on Sunday morning. You have to get there early or you will be waiting. Our 10am arrival afforded us a whole array of tasty treats right away. The carts were flying to our table with fresh and hot morsels of goodness.


Dessert for me was this sweet bread, filled with a coconut type custard, and topped with coconut shavings. I’m not a huge coconut eater but this was melt in your mouth good.

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