Day 16, 17, 18, & 19


I thought my flight was at 10am this morning so got up early to go to the airport with IZ. His flight is scheduled for 8am. My flight is actually scheduled for 12pm so I find myself with a few extra hours to write here and get caught up on internet things.

The hotel we are staying at gives you three drink coupons when you check in. The first night here we went to a bar. The wedding I shot had wine and beer flowing freely. I met a friend for a drink last night. Booze has been everywhere, and I have not had a single drop.


There are feelings about being around alcohol all weekend, but generally they are good. I was never tempted to have one at any point. I had soda water and lime most places or tea/lemonade combo at others.

I am glad I am doing this dry for a year thing. I’m glad I chose a year and not just a week or month or six months even. A year is going to give me some perspective on drinking. I’m reading and educating myself on alcohol and living the life I want. I can’t say if I will ever drink again. 19 days in doesn’t really give me enough room to think that way, but I like the direction this is headed. It feels good.


There a many stories from this weekend in Des Moines, Iowa. Some I may share later, but for now I’m just proud to have done so well with the booze piece. We calculated how much we would have spent on alcohol over the entire weekend and estimate it at close to $150. I’m putting that in the bucket for Greece next year. It’s going to be an amazing trip.

Random Photo:


My favorite taco place in Des Moines, Tasty Tacos. I always get the original taco and cheese enchiladas. It was the first place I went to after getting off the plane, and if it were open a little earlier I would stop by before getting on the plane.

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