Day 13

Facebook or fuckwithyourheadbook?

Life feels a little strange today. IZ and I had intense discussions about drinking, both of our drinking habits last night and this morning. It was good, but left me feeling a little spent, and when I feel spent I feel vulnerable and a little melancholy.

I’ve been on Facebook too much lately. Being home all day lends itself to that kind of nonsense. I have plenty to do and work on but Facebook is only a tab away and a nice distraction. Except it’s not. It breeds unhealthy feelings in me. Jealousy? FOMO? Envy? Anger? Annoyance? When I start feeling all of those feelings, I know it’s time for a break.

I am still going strong with no cravings for alcohol. None. But I’m realizing that my life will be changing. My friends will be changing. How I socialize will be changing. That’s a lot of fucking changing for someone who just made a major change. Can we take a break from the changes for a minute? No? Okay, let’s move forward.

I had no idea how much alcohol is so entrenched in our time socializing. It makes me wonder if all of the postings on Facebook of cocktails, wine, and beer are signs of other people struggling with booze, or are they all just fine? Are they drinking as much as they are posting? Probably not. I don’t think I posted that much about cocktails, so it’s probably everyone posting alcohol related shit is fine and drinks in moderation. It’s the ones who don’t post that you should worry about.
On the upside of all of this Facebook nonsense, I got a new phone and posted that I needed numbers. The entire day has been full of wonderful exchanges with family members. It was nice to catch up and feel connected to home. Especially exciting that it may have led to visitors.





Random Photo:
My table

This kitchen table came from my Uncle. I bought it from him for $40 19 years ago. It has survived countless (10 to be exact, maybe not so countless) moves, 2 kids, and now 2 more. It’s been painted on, gooped on, played on, homeworked on, served up many breakfast lunches and dinners, it has seen tears and laughter, and that is just its lifetime with me…

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