Day 12


This will be short and sweet. I’m ready for bed and am fighting a pounding headache. I did manage to get a lot accomplished today. I love the mental clarity that is coming from not drinking. One thing I know I need to work on next is my eating. I ran a four mile run this morning and due to the lack of nutrition (loads of sugar consumed) the last mile was a walking mile.

Now that I’m over the emotional and most of the physical part of detoxing from regular consumption of alcohol, I feel like I can start working on the next step. Healthy eating. I’d also like to do more than just run. More yoga. More HIIT or maybe someday a personal trainer. Dreaming.

That’s about all of the updating I can handle. It’s time for some sleeps.

PS I got a new phone. My crack phone is finally gone for good.


Random photo: Our dog, Axl. The best rescue dog anyone has ever met.

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