Day 10 & 11


My first sober camping trip was probably my most favorite camping trip ever. I realized, after arriving home today, that what I’m experiencing “sober” is what most people experience when they have a normal relationship with alcohol. Generally people don’t look at every adventure as an opportunity to get drunk. There is no need to be all “I’m camping! Let’s drink!”. It’s okay and totally normal to go camping completely sober…and wait for it….still have a good time. I discovered that I can, and will, have an even better time without a cocktail in hand.


Our adventure took us on a camping trip with Women on Adventures. Five adults and four kids, with varying camping experience, ventured south to Patagonia State Park for some SUP time and sleeping under the stars. Leaving Phoenix we took I-10 South until we passed Tucson, then we took highway 83 through Coronado National Forest. I love this drive. The last time I came through here it was brown and feathery grasses, but this time it was beautiful green rolling hills.  When we reached  Sonoita, Arizona, which is home to many wineries, which we did not visit obviously, we switched to highway 82 the rest of the way to Patagonia Lake.


Our trip was pretty spectacular. The paddling was perfect. Quite a bit of the lake was a no wake zone so even though there were boats around, it was still easy to move about the lake with kids on paddle boards. We even scouted out a few paddle in campsites that would be perfect for our next adventure. One was an island! I’ve already researched reserving it for next year. No, I will not share the campsite details until I have it booked. I’m no dummy.


The clouds looked a bit threatening for a short time yesterday evening as we were packing up our boards and getting out of the water, but the only thing they did was contribute to an amazing sunset. There is even a rainbow in the cloud image. There have been many rainbows in my life since getting sober. New beginnings. Fresh starts.


Water seems to be therapeutic for me lately. Getting out and paddling is so healing. There isn’t much to think about when you’re on the water, other than not falling in. It’s getting slightly cooler in Arizona so the water temps are starting to reflect that change. I believe we have reached the end of our SUP season. The peak season at Patagonia ends Sept 30th. We have impeccable timing.

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