Day 4

All the feelings

salt river

I woke up this morning feeling raw. I’m sure there is some detoxing going on in my system, so I’m allowing myself feel all of the feelings and going with what is. We needed to run this morning and as IZ and I prepared to run down to Dreamy Draw, he asked if I was ready. No. I was not, but I went.

Dreamy Draw trailhead is about 1.8 miles from our house. There is a paved bike path that picks up less than a mile from our door. It makes for a nice traffic free run. I put on my headphones and told IZ to run at his pace, he is much faster, I wanted to zone out a bit. With Mumford and Sons blaring in one ear (I always run with one headphone thanks to my self defense class. Gotta know what’s going on around me) I took off.

dreamy draw

It worked. It was a good run. When I was about a mile in a woman rode by on her bike and said “you got this girl”, and I started to cry. Not sobbing OMG tears but emotional release, still keeping my shit together tears. She’ll have no idea how much I needed to hear that at that moment. I am grateful.

salt river

So yeah, I got this. The rest of the day was still leaning on the emotional side, but I did keep it together. We ran more errands and I got a new PFD for my SUP. We decided to make a spontaneous trip down to Mesa and hit the Salt River with our boards. It was a lot of work to paddle against the current, but the reward was to see the wild horses that live out there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any decent photos of them, but they a gift to see.

I got this

That’s my new “I got this” pose.

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