Day 2



Working through it

Being sober felt way more real today. Heavier. The day started out great with a 3 mile run and short hike in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. As the day wore on, the reality of being sober felt realer.

This is new territory so I’m trying to be gentle and honest with myself. I know staying busy is good for me, but I also don’t want to be so busy I avoid dealing with the emotions I need to deal with here.


Tonight we went out to First Friday downtown. I’m a little surprised at our burgeoning nightlife. Sadly, it was way too hot to be enjoyable. I can do hot, but 108º was a bit much. Hanging out close to bars and so many people was also stirring up a lot of drinking thoughts. Not that I wanted to drink, but normally we would do something like that and have a cocktail before walking around, then a cocktail while walking around, and then a cocktail to wrap up the night. Then you guessed it, I would more than likely go home and have a few more cocktails.


We ditched first friday for Korean food. It did not disappoint. This hot and spicy short rib soup was so flavorful and sweat inducing. It came with many little dishes of various pickled things. IZ had beef bulgogi and that was just as good as the soup.

Overall day two was okay, a little on the funky side, but okay.

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