A dry spell


Cheers! You’ve probably noticed a lot of drink photos, recipes, and general booziness on my blog and in my social media. I’m a drinker. It’s no secret and I have never really had a problem owning that label. But it’s become a problem. I’ve been drunk for the last six’ish years. Literally.

It started when my then husband admitted to cheating on me. The first thing I did was drive to the store and buy a six pack. I probably should have known that was not the healthiest thing to do, but I didn’t know what to do.

Since then I have been a daily drinker. Not just a cocktail or two, we are talking a half bottle of vodka a night. In the beginning it was vodka and xanax. Then I was realizing that the drug/drink cocktail I was messing with would kill me, so I quit the xanax, but not the vodka. Things have not gotten better, so after some long conversations with IZ, I decided to quit drinking for a year. Just to see if I can.

I’m not a believer in AA. If it works for you, awesome! You are one of the 5-10% that it does work for. I want a better success rate than that. I want to believe that I can be healthy and happy with or without booze. Yes, I realize I sound like every other alcoholic out there, but I’m doing my best and that’s all we can ever do.

Starting tomorrow I will be sober. I am putting every dime that I would be spending on booze into a travel fund. IZ and I will go to Greece next September, and if I fail? I’m giving someone (already decided who) a trip for two to Greece. This will not happen. This person does not deserve it, so there is a lot of motivation for me to succeed. And what happens after that year? Who knows. That’s the challenge. See how this all plays out.

I really just wanted to put this out there publicly to hold myself accountable. I may journal the process here or I may keep it private. I don’t know yet. I may share some non-boozy drink recipes here though. I’m already thinking about ways to get creative with that one. I don’t drink tea or soda so I want to open up my drink options.

One thought on “A dry spell

  1. Hey girl, I had no idea alcohol was this much a part of your life. It can really be a destructive force…I’ve seen it in Mark’s and my mom’s families. Mark’s brother and his wife both died of alcoholism. Just know that I am behind you 100%. And I love your creative motivation, ha ha!! Love you, Mon


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