Who is this? Where did I go?



Ah, a little time away has made me realize how much I want to be here. Interesting how that works. Once again my time has shifted away from recipes, photography, and in a brand new direction.

July 11, 2016 I started a meetup group called Women on Adventures. The growth of the group has been insane. Starting with only 50ish people in a few days to over 1600 people in 6 months. My time has been consumed with event planning, and communicating, and membership management. A few friends decided they would like to have something similar in their cities and suddenly there were three Women on Adventure groups in 3 cities across the US and now over 2000 members on Meetup. Now I’m looking to start 2 more in Denver, Colorado and Lawrence, Kansas in the next few months.

With such crazy success of WoA and so much of my time being taken up with the group I decided to monetize it. Women on Adventures website was born. I built the website all on my own. I created a newsletter mailing list. I did it all and I am so proud of it. Not only the website but the group. So many women have joined me on so many crazy adventures. We have done rock climbing, hiking, SUP, yoga, indoor skydiving, pole dancing, self defense classes, and so much more. It’s so empowering to go kick some ass on these adventures. Sometimes literally kicking ass.

The goal of the group is to get women out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves. We have been crazy successful in that goal. WoA members have made lifelong friendships in the process. Yay!

While I’m proud of everything happening with WoA, I have realized I still need a space for myself to write and talk about my own adventures as a business owner and photographer. I’ve put so much into this group in the last several months that I need to take back a little of my time and talk about myself. So here I am. Might be here for the long haul, but then again I might be having too much fun adventuring. Who knows.

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