Northern California coastal camping highlights


Last weekend we flew away to California for a budget getaway after finding $96 flights from Phoenix to San Francisco on US Airways through google flights. Have you used Google flights yet? It’s a great way to find a weekend deal. Put in your dates then zoom out the map to see prices for cities.


After finding the flights I knew I didn’t want to stay in San Francisco. I love that city but after a hot Arizona summer I wanted to be by the water. We searched and searched for campgrounds on the beach around the bay area but they are reserved months in advance. Good to know. Somehow Izaak stumbled on Wrights Beach and there was exactly one spot left.


The campground was a little RV heavy but people were friendly and we had a view of the ocean and shade and it was heavenly.


The sun setting on the ocean is something everyone should see in their lifetime. It’s truly one of the best things in the world. Simple and stunning and humbling.


Breakfast was this tasty burrito made by Izaak.

Campfire Breakfast Burrito

1 Package sausage links
1 fresh jalepeno
2 Small red potatoes
2 Tomatillos (remove the husk)
3 Green onions
Salt & Pepper

Place the potatoes , jalapeno, and tomatillos on the grate above the fire for roasting. Make sure to turn them often. 
Once those are getting on the soft side remove.
Take aluminum foil and make a little sheet pan with it. Place the sausages on that and put it on the fire for cooking.
Once those are close to being done take off the fire and cut into smaller pieces.
Throw all of that in the foil and wrap it up and place back on the grate above the fire.
Once it’s all heated through (the top of the packet should feel hot) take it off and put it in your tortilla. 

Maybe I was just a little hungover but these burritos were so delicious!

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