Cotton candy and sticky fingers


It’s hard to tell sometimes if change is amazing and wonderful and yay, or WTF, can I just have something constant? I know myself well enough that if things never changed I would be bored out of my mind. Through a series of, let’s say opportunities for growth, my focus has shifted to my old cotton candy idea.

When I thought about cotton candy and what was out on the market, I decided I wanted to do something different. Organic sugar, of course, but flavors needed to be special.  While in Seattle last summer I had a cotton candy cocktail, but it was a bit boring. The cotton candy was unflavored spun sugar. The cocktail was okay. It didn’t wow. After some experimenting Izaak and I started coming up with a plan.


Sugar Wisps was born! Artisan cotton candy for cocktails. Every Friday we will list a new cocktail and a new flavor of cotton candy. It gives us a week to experiment and test. Lots of testing.

We haven’t officially launched. Hell, we don’t even have a logo yet, but building content and selling on Etsy is what’s happening now while the logo is being created.

It’s very exciting. We’ll be taking our cotton candy to bars in Phoenix and talking to wedding planners about having the cotton candy at bachelorette parties and most likely as wedding favors. Lavender cotton candy will be a wonderful addition to a wedding!

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