Learning to Breath

flying_zinkBreath in, breath out. I didn’t even know I was holding my breath until I stepped on the mat this morning and started to breath again. Life has a way of making us do that. Hold our breath. Have you ever noticed?

When we hit those bumps and get those bruises we remember to breath because of what we learned in yoga. You won’t even know you are learning to breath at the time. You’ll hear your yoga teacher say it ‘inhale those arms up, and exhale as your forward fold’. Inhale into a pose, exhale out. It’s a dance with your breath that you learn to use later as your 15 year old walks into a plane and you know you can’t follow him to keep him safe. Inhale…exhale.

Try it the next time you feel unsteady or nervous. Breath. Deep. Breaths. Stretch the breath in and out over several seconds. Then listen as everything in your body begins to settle and calm, and remember to breath.

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