Moved to Scottsdale, get a pacemaker


We won’t be running the Imogene Pass this year like we thought we would. Izaak decided he wanted a pacemaker instead.

It’s been four weeks since Izaak passed out at the kitchen table while we discussed where we would go camping the following weekend. He woke as I was about to dial 911. He said he felt fine, but I convinced him he needed stitches, since he took a hard hit on the concrete floor with his head. On the way to the hospital he passed out again in the car. At the ER we watched his heart rate drop down to the teens. Eventually he was admitted for a pacemaker. Two days later he walked out with one.

We waited to say anything publicly until it was all over, and we were back home. He didn’t want to worry anyone. We made light on Facebook like it was no big deal for a 39 year old runner to get a pacemaker. It was a big deal. It was scary. It made us really appreciate each other, and what we have in this life. Imogene Pass will still be there next year, and luckily so will we.