Touring Arizona

As I mentioned in a previous post we went to the Grand Canyon for Mother’s Day on Sunday. Loaded up dog, teenager, Izaak and myself and hit the road by 9ish am. It’s a 3 hour trip up but we took our time and went through Sedona so that we could take the Oak Creek Canyon road between Sedona and Flagstaff. Here is our journey through images.


We had a little picnic lunch at this spot along the Oak Creek Canyon on the road between Sedona and Flagstaff.


Along this road we spotted a small Dairy Queen with a sign announcing the cotton candy blizzard. I have waited over FIVE years for them to bring this flavor back! I generally don’t give a shit about ice cream but this is my favorite flavor ever.


After passing Flagstaff we went north and decided to stop at the Sunset Crater with the hope of seeing a lava flow. It was incredible. We were driving and talking when all of a sudden, to our left, was this massive pile of rock.

We saw two places to check out the lava fields, there may be more though, the first was a small trail through a lava field. It was really small maybe a 1/8 of a mile, but so cool to be in the midst of all of that lava. The second place is a longer trail that we didn’t take since dogs are not allowed on the trails in this park. They can be in the parking lots but not out on trails. We didn’t research a whole lot on this trip, but it was one of those ‘hey, we should do this tomorrow’ kind of trips.


The view leaving Sunset Crater is spectacular with the San Francisco peaks leading the way. Snow still up there in May is pretty cool to see. Another amazing thing about Arizona that we can leave our 90º weather in Phoenix to 60º weather around Flagstaff.


And then suddenly – an hour later- you leave the mountains and this happens, the Grand Canyon. It is so much more impressive than I ever imagined. Even Silas – the 15 year old who is impressed by nothing- thought it was bigger than he ever imagined. Just wow. The trick was finding a place to sit and look without a crowd. Dogs are not allowed in the canyon so we were relegated to the rim. Since it was a short trip no big deal for us, but the next trip we will make dog arrangements.

silas_grandcanyon_zinkSilas hanging out at the edge. This was the “first look” area at the South Rim. Very crowded but the views were pretty amazing.

grandcanyon_zinkI brought my dslr with an old screw mount lens on it, and I love the tilt shift look of some of these images. The image above is straight from the camera.


Axl was not very interested about getting close to the edge. This was as close as he got. Did I mention he was great in the car? 6+ hours in the car and not once did he complain. jenny_grandcanyon_hotFinally, I got all sexy at the edge…Hi.

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