Spiralized Cucumber and Carrot Salad

Cucumber Salad

Last month I bought one of those small handjob* spiralizers, but quickly realized I needed to upgrade to the full size bad boy. Last night it arrived. I am learning what works and what doesn’t work with a little help from Inspiralized by Ali Maffucci. I haven’t actually used her recipes yet, but I will soon.

This morning I made my apple breakfast recipe with spiralized apples, and it worked beautifully. Spiralizing the apples cut down on the cooking time, so I can’t wait to try that one with pears which usually takes forever to cook!

For lunch today I made cucumber and carrot salad. This was stupidly easy! No measuring needed. Just spiralize, toss together, eat!

Cucumber and Carrot Salad

1 cucumber peeled and spiralized
1 carrot peeled and spiralized with the small handy
handful of cherry tomatoes sliced or halved depending on size
1 green onion chopped
3 basil leaves chopped
lemon juice
splash of rice vinegar
splash of olive oil
splash of pomegranate molasses

Seriously, just throw all of this in a bowl and toss. Eat!

*handjob spiralizers are still good to keep around since carrots can’t be run through the big one easily. This small one is good for those.

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