By now everyone knows the secret to smooth hummus, right? Well, if you don’t, I’ll share that dirty little secret….shell your chickpeas! I don’t even know why people suffer through chunky homemade hummus when it’s so easy (but maybe a little time consuming) to make it super smooth.


Use your pea shelling time as a little meditation. Open up 2 cans and get to shelling. It really doesn’t take that long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but it will make a world of difference with your hummus. So take three bowls, one for your canned peas, one for your shells, and one for your shelled peas.

Once you get them shelled put them in a blender and add your ingredients. I’ll put a list of what I add to mine below, but hummus is very forgiving and very versatile. Experiment to discover your favorite flavor profile. Personally, I prefer more lemon juice and less tahini, but you’ll know what you like as soon as you taste it.


2 cans shelled chickpeas
1 lemon, juiced
1 Tbsp tahini
pinch of salt
dash of cayenne
clove of garlic
olive oil
splash of apple cider vinegar

Throw all of this in your blender. I don’t measure anything so it is all estimates. Water and olive oil is added for texture and probably more than you think you’ll need. I brought the water level up to almost even with the chickpeas. Almost.

Hummus takes practice and experimentation. Now that it’s nearly (and sometimes over) $4 for a small tub I am avoiding buying it and going to making my own exclusively.

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