Axl the dog


Meet Axl, our new family member. The last several weeks have been really difficult around here. In my normal spontaneous nature I decided we needed a dog. This led to days of talking about getting a dog, actually it was more like very intense discussions about getting a dog, until we finally agreed that one would be a good addition. We spent more days searching petfinder, and sending emails, then calling to see if dogs were available, until we got a response from Rockstar Rescue that Axl (then named Cash) was still available. axl This shar pei and boxer mix is unbelievable. We really don’t understand why he was at the shelter for 7 months.  He plays fetch and brings the ball back to you most of the time, and when he doesn’t bring it back, he will wait for you to come and get it from him. He sits and waits so patiently for treats. He loves his doggie bed and sleeps all night in it quietly snoring to let you know he is still there. He is the best running partner and we will be working on adding miles since he is a little on the soft side after being in a rescue for 7 months, but he stays right by your side and only stops to sniff and pee a couple times. He is house trained and even poops in the same spot every time.

Someone said we hit the jackpot with Axl, and I do believe they are right.

PS One more thing about Rockstar Rescue, they were on the ball about communicating and making thing so easy to adopt Axl. We know shelters are run by volunteers, and it can be hard to balance that with everyday life, but out of all the shelters we reached out to Rockstar was the best!

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