Healthy Habits


Good morning! I got my haircut last week. 10 inches gone! Mailed that hunk of hair off to Locks of Love on Friday. 🙂

Back to the regularly scheduled post…

Developing habits is the best way to introduce good behaviors into your life. We all know that, but the practice of it is so hard! I went to a class at REI about running and healthy habits a couple months ago, and there was so much good information presented on both. I love the idea of Chi Running, but the habits talk hit closest to home.

Now that Izaak and I are kicking into training high gear, we have been struggling a bit with food. Writing for a food blog hasn’t helped that situation a whole lot either. As we begin to increase our running miles, we know that food needs to give use energy to sustain those runs. The goal with integrating habits into our training is to make these things, that we know are good for us, a more natural part of our day.

Starting with water – I bought a Nalgene bottle at REI last week and have kicked ass at drinking a minimum or 2 (64oz total) every day. 7 days of good hydration! Eventually, this won’t even be a second thought. I will automatically drink water all day long.  Things become a habit when we don’t have to think about them.

I love the idea of starting one new thing each week. It’s not overwhelming with 10 new things you have to work into your day and remember. You only have to remember one little thing, and if you don’t make it the whole week? That’s ok! Start over again the next week with that same new habit. The idea is that it is a habit and you do it consistently. If you are not doing it consistently then that is something for you to keep on until you are. Simple.

Are you working on new habits? Something that has changed your life maybe?

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