In the heart of Phoenix is Camelback mountain. It’s a point to help navigate you around as a new citizen to the city. It looks like a sleeping camel keeping one eye on the city as he snoozes his life away. This little mountain is a popular hike for visitors and locals.

There are two ways to the top of Camelback, and both will kill you. But if you choose to do it, you can use the Echo Canyon trail or the Cholla Trail. The Echo trail is 1.2 miles with 1,280 feet elevation gain. the Cholla trail is 1.6 miles with 1,300 feel gain. OMG, they are both intense with the last part of both being a scramble to the top.

I have done several hikes around Phoenix and Scottsdale and this is the only one that has made me sore for DAYS afterward. It’s beautiful and I think the Cholla is more interesting for views on the way up and down. I hear it’s less crowded than Echo, but there seemed to be a lot of people there when we went last weekend. Speaking of people, whatever happened to trail etiquette? When people are working their ass off to get up the mountain, that you are coming down from, step aside and let them up!

Now, I’m ready to do a big scary hike. Ok, not really ready, but I’m going to be in a couple months. We did a full moon hike out at the Superstition Mountains this month and it was stunning. There is one particular hike that we have to do soon and that is Flat iron. This looks so intense! The fun part will be when we hike up to camp. Yes, you can camp on top of Flat Iron!

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