SUP as Decoration

SUP in our living space

Last Sunday we completely rearranged our family room to make space on the wall for our paddle boards. Izaak bought Hawaiian gun racks for them, and since the rest of the house is full of strange angled walls, this was the only place they would both fit together. They do take up the entire wall, but I love the look. We framed some Mexican movie posters that Izaak found in Tulum last year and now the room has a strong brah feel to it. I’ll have to girl up the living room to balance out things out.

After being here for 3 months it is nice to start to get a feel for the house. What is working and not working is becoming apparent. The kitchen/family room is about done, but that was easier to feel out since that is the space we use the most. The living room and dining room need work. I’m at a loss with that space. I do know the one thing missing around here is houseplants. Must fix that asap.

Do you have a favorite spot in your house? What makes it a favorite?

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