Florida Vacation

bloody mary

Earlier this week Izaak and I headed to Florida for a work thing, for him obviously since I am still unemployed, because he is a big deal and won an award. The agenda was set and sent to us via FedEx, excursions were scheduled, and I was looking forward to not needing to plan anything for the next couple days.

Our excursion choice was kayaking at Merritt Island with manatee. We really enjoyed this part of the trip and sadly there are no images to share. I was afraid to take my phone since I didn’t plan ahead to bring anything waterproof. Sad, because there was so much to take pictures of on this trip. Not only did we see several manatee (awwww), but we saw dolphins (squee!), gators (creepy), a juvenile bald eagle, pelicans, horseshoe crab, sting rays, and puffer fish. Pretty amazing and very memorable. I took lots of pictures…..in my mind.

The dolphins may have been more amazing than the manatee. The manatee were cool and so great to see but the dolphins were incredible. We saw this ripple of fish moving toward a  small cove and we would see the dolphin smoothly gliding behind them in and out of the water. Suddenly as they approached the beach there was this flurry of activity and splashing about of fish as the dolphin enjoyed his/her all you can eat fishy buffet. 

The rest of the trip was uneventful. Orlando is not so much a destination for those not on the Disney track. We struggled to find something to do on our free afternoon. Cabs were super expensive so we took our first Uber ride to the outlet mall, yes the mall. Our drivers were friendly and the fare was affordable. We will definitely use Uber again, but as for Orlando I think we will skip it. I’d rather go to Key West.

One last note, don’t leave anything at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. My insulated Klean Canteen is gone after leaving it in my room despite phone calls and messages left with them to try to get it returned.

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