Found, and then lost again

Ornate Box Turtle

I am about to become the most hated person in this house. If I get kicked out, I hope someone will take pity on me and let me crash at their house.

You see, this last weekend we found this ornate box turtle in the raised garden area. He had buried himself in there and when Izaak was digging around he found him. We have a tortoise habitat in the backyard so we moved him there. I was texting with our landlords and found out they would let the little guys roam around the yard. This sounded like a lovely idea. Free range turtle living sounds way better than the dried up habitat.

I did my bleeding heart duty and took Little Warrior (yes, kids have named him) over to the grass and set him at the edge of a bush. He hasn’t been moving much (at all) in the habitat, so I expected him to still be there when I came back 15 minutes later. Nope. He is gone. Turtles are surprisingly fast. I have no idea where he is but he must have been extremely excited about his new freedom.

Perhaps I can play this one off as he is a mastermind escape artist and managed to climb the concrete wall of the habitat? Perhaps I just outed myself as his accomplice. Whatever! He is happy. I hope. You don’t think a bird swooped down and carried him away, do you?

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