Backyard shenanigans


Izaak and I decided to split up the house. Not like duct tape down the middle and he gets one half and I get the other.  That’s something I left behind when my sister moved out, and I finally had my own room.

We need furniture to begin making this house our home. We ditched a lot of furniture when he sold his house, and I gave up my apartment to move here. We needed to lighten the load as much as possible to a) make the move more affordable and b) to start fresh in a house together.

The problem we were having is the formal living and dining rooms, I don’t really have any strong feelings for it, and the backyard. I do have feelings for the backyard. Strong feelings. I want to spend all of my time out there. It’s a blank canvas needing some attention. My attention! I got the backyard!

I think I got the better deal. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of my progress. I’ll share Izaak’s too with the living room and dining room. I may regret my decision to not be involved in the house planning. My boyfriend isn’t really known for his great taste in art work, or music, or cars….we won’t talk about the painting he bought at the thrift store that reminded me of an album cover only there was a naked woman in a…oh, not talking about it.


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