Sunrise Peak

Sunrise peak hike is a ball buster. It hurts. It’s hard. It thoroughly kicked my ass! Yes, I know I’m out of shape. Yes, I know I STILL need to lose 30 pounds. But I’m a pretty tough lady, and I wanted to stop half way up. The following images were taken on the way down! I worried if I stopped on the way up I would never start again! cholla cactus

Even when I want to quit, Arizona has a way of making me want to work for it. Ern it even? It’s hard, but it’s worth every step. You go up and up and up and then….wow. Don’t worry, there are brief little glimpses of wow on the way.

I love the Cholla. Have I already told you that? The name is fun to say too. Try it. It’s fun like Francisco.  saguaro

And then there are the saguaros. These beasts are amazing! Like redwoods, but not really like redwoods at all. They’re just cool.
thompson peak arizona

Choose your own adventure! Where would you like to go today! See the towers? That’s Thompson Peak. That one is next….
four peaks arizona

The Four Peaks off in the distance. I don’t know much about them other than it’s supposed to be cooler up there in the Summer. camelback mountain arizonaCamelback looks so small here! It’s a bitch of a hike too. I was sore for days after hiking that in October.  It’s also extremely popular. You’re hiking over rocks and people. Ok, not really people.

If you want to do this hike, you have several trailhead options. I chose the one off of 148th (I think) street. You follow Via Linda all the way out and you’ll run into a gated community. The parking for the Sunrise Peak Trailhead will be on your left right before the gate. I had to park in the equestrian parking down the street a little ways. Apparently, this is the most difficult (of course, I choose the hardest way) of the paths.

Normally I wouldn’t give trail directions. Links give more accurate, but mostly I’m TERRIBLE with directions, I’m also a terrible shopper but that’s another story, I don’t want to mess anyone up so links are best. I couldn’t find any that gave instructions for this trailhead so there you go.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise Peak

  1. That looks so beautiful! I wish we had mountains like that… It would make it so much easier to lose weight by walking… Well, not physically of course… 😉 You rock, for hiking mountains like these!


    1. Thank you! It’s really wonderful, and I’m incredibly lucky, to get out and do this! I know this since just a short month ago I was in Iowa, with zero mountains, and below freezing temps!


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