I’m crazy

IMG_20150122_142135-AlI’ve heard that when you are running downhill you shouldn’t use your legs as brakes. This was running through my mind as I ran down a pretty steep rocky hill. What I thought in response to that was, it seems the alternative to using my legs as brakes was using my face. That didn’t sound entirely pleasant.  I also thought I should pack more than just a bandaid in my pack. Pretty sure that isn’t going to stop all the blood that will happen if I fell on the trail.

IMG_20150122_213504-AlThe Gateway Trail loop is a short 4.5 mile run (Let’s be honest here, I walked most of it) with only 650 feet elevation, but you wouldn’t guess that was all the elevation while running straight up, over the saddle,  and then straight down. I am beginning to think I’m crazy for wanting to sign up for the Imogene Pass Run this year. Maybe the goal is a little too lofty for this 43 year old, 40 pounds overweight, more than slightly out of shape mom. What am I thinking?

IMG_20150122_213619-AlWell, what I’m thinking is that it’s all about baby steps. I didn’t get out of shape overnight, and I won’t get back into shape overnight. I’m running, doing yoga, and hiking. I’ll slowly increase mileage on my runs, get back to a regular yoga practice, and hike just to enjoy hiking. Oh, and that pesky food stuffs. I’ll be eating all kinds of healthy shit. You just watch. It’s all kale and tofu for me!

Any advice for running in the mountains? Anyone tried this race? Would love to hear any words of wisdom on getting back into shape as well. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “I’m crazy

  1. Advice for the mountains: be sure to take it slow. It’s easy to wear yourself out running hard up a steep section, when you could walk almost as fast and conserve energy. If you are running uphill, shorter quicker steps help. On downhills, I think the method your trying is ideal, but you obviously don’t want to fall on your face either.


    1. Thank you! I have had my eye on that race for several years now and since we moved to Arizona (and can run all winter) I decided it’s time! You’re running a race in Moab? Did I read that right?


      1. Yeah. It’s in ultra in March. I live in CO, so I’m pretty used to mountains and giant hills lol. That’s awesome! Good luck on the race! AZ makes it pretty easy to get some good training in during the winter. I’m a little jealous.


  2. You’re not crazy for setting a challenging goal, but brave! Getting in shape tip: this is also all about baby steps. For me, it works to change one thing first and a couple of weeks later I add something. First, I tried to cook healthier, then I tried to lunch healthier as well, then I started to drink a jug of water every day and ban soda (these two seemed logical to combine), then I started to build up a walking schedule en then I stopped eating sweet and salty snacks and started eating fruit every day (again, this was a logical replacement). If I would have done it all at once, I surely would have failed. But now, it’s going well! Your body just has to get used to all these new habits. And be sure to be happy with every pound you lose, even if it’s not going super fast. Losing is losing!

    By the way, if you’d like to try out a healthy snack replacement, you could try out vegetables like cucumber and carrots dipped in hummus. I recently shared a very delicious recipe on my blog. So if you wonder how to make this, feel free to check it out! 🙂

    Good luck with getting in shape for your goal! I think this is a great goal you’ve set!


  3. Thanks! I will check it out for sure. You are absolutely right that starting small is better for sticking to it. I have a bad habit of wanting to start everything NOW. Thank you for the reminder to take it slow.


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