All by myself…


Today I ventured out on a hike all by myself. My kid forgot homework so I ran it to his school. I was already dressed for a run so I decided to hike the Lost Dog Trail.


This is where I get proud of myself. I have done hikes. I have done really hard 14 mile hikes with 4000 feet elevation, but I have always been with Izaak and it is never very scary with someone who generally knows their way.


Today I started out on the trail and realized I didn’t have time to do the long one (recommended by the lady at the trailhead) so after hiking a mile’ish I checked the map and took a different loop.

At one point I came to a spot where there were a few options without markings, checked my map, and figured out where to go from there. It was fun and exciting!

I do need to find a good day pack to throw water bottles, camera, keys, etc. in while out. I have a giftcard to REI that I have been holding on to for a special occasion. Any recommendations?

PS Apologies for the crappy song lyrics as titles.

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