Doing more

I am behind on the New Years Resolution thing. We are finally, as you can see, getting settled in at the Scottsdale homestead, and so now I feel like I can finally talk about something other than moving. Mentally, I need to talk about something other than moving! New Years is a good place to start. We are officially celebrating New Years this Saturday. It’s a new years do over for us. This seems like a perfect opportunity for me to make my New Years Resolution list.

You see, I am not a fan of the don’t do this, do less of this, fix all the bad stuff in my life resolutions. These types of things are rarely adhered to on a long term basis. They stress people out. They are frustrating. They point out everything you don’t like about yourself or your life. Too much focus on the bad stuff. I believe in doing MORE of things for resolutions. Do things that make you happy. That feel good. These are the types of resolutions you can stick to and want to stick to!

My resolutions for 2015?

1. Take more walks.

IMG_20150104_182614 (1)Yesterday after unpacking the living room we went to Ikea for more stuff for the house. Once we accomplished a furniture assembly (still more to do) we headed out for a good long hike. I highly recommend the Gateway Trailhead at the Scottsdale McDowell Mountain Preserve. We started out around 4:00 and wrapped up as the sun was setting. So beautiful*!

2. Do more stuff from my 101 things list.

3. Take more photo booth photos!


I love photo booths and would like to make it a priority to find more booths around the city. We took this at the Musical Instrument Museum a couple months ago while house hunting in Scottsdale. The museum was a lot of fun with hands on exhibits, and for my 15 year old budding musician son it was a wonderland.

How can you not have a great year when you do more of what you want or need or love? You can easily transition your old new years resolutions into new ones. Change the way you word them and you might find it’s way more enjoyable to stick to them. Things like “eat healthier” could be changed to “eat more fruit” or “eat more veggies”. Change your exercise goal to “move more in 2015” or “do more daily yoga”. Maybe just set a super fun goal of “give more hugs” or “eat more good dark chocolate”.  Have fun!

I love a good fresh start and I love doing more fun things. Happy 2015 everyone!

*I’ll do an entire post of images from this hike. They are worth sharing.

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