Let’s talk about bacon


I like bacon. I know you do too. I know vegetarians who say they never eat anything with a face, except bacon. What is it about bacon that makes us swoon so much? Why do we abandon all morals as soon as that greasy little ribbony strip of meat shows up on our plate? I was a non-red meat eating, non-pork eating lady for almost 14 years! Pretty sure my first pork product was bacon. I know my first red meat product was a hamburger. I still gravitate towards a veg diet, but my weakness is still bacon. Oh so yummy bacon.

Where were we? Oh yeah, we had a going away baconfest potluck party last Saturday. People really bring game to this event. Smoked meats, candied bacon, bacon biscuits, bacon pecan pie, bacon, bacon, bacon. The list was long. I needed something easy since we are in packing hell at the moment so I made bacon wrapped meatballs. They were gone in 5 minutes flat so I had to recreate the dish for the blog. You’re welcome for my selfless act here. Totally took one for the team for you guys.


There isn’t much to this. Buy some frozen meatballs, wrap them in bacon (I used half a strip per ball), sprinkle with brown sugar and cayenne, then bake at 425º F until they are done to your liking.

These are an excellent little appetizer for a party. I’m using these for spaghetti some night this week if I don’t accidentally pack all of my pans before it can happen.


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