More about Phoenix


This place is going to keep us very very busy. We have a lease on a house that both of us love*. A pool, beautiful kitchen, outdoor living. When the subject of Phoenix was presented to us we both knew that we wanted outdoor space and room for friends to visit. After spending this weekend here, I know we made the right decision finding a house that can support both of those criteria.

Now on to my day!

Randomly a friend on Instagram introduced me to a friend of hers living in Phoenix. I emailed this person and voila! I had a coffee date. Looking forward to hanging out more with my new friend!

Before coffee I went for a long run (running in the desert is a little different than the Fall running* I have been doing). It was a really great run, but I think I’d like to find more trail runs as the car/truck fumes were a bit overwhelming.

After coffee I had lunch at Rubio’s from a friends suggestion. YES! Do it! So good.


Then I went to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens where it just happened to be FREE day! Woot! I highly recommend going at sunset. The light is absolutely stunning. They are having luminaries right now too. We won’t be back in time to see them so I’m putting it on the calendar for next year.

15805253289_571235e60f_oOverall this was an amazing trip, and it helped me to see the fun we will be having living in Scottsdale. I bought a Phoenix magazine and was reading about all of the hiking around the city. Doesn’t look like it will be too hard to find some trails to run.

*blended families posts might be showing up more and more.

*More running posts to come!

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