Hurts a lot


This is what pain at #7 and “hurts a lot” looks like on the doctors chart. You know, if you needed it translated to an actual face. This week started on Sunday morning at 1am with my youngest screaming “MOM! ETHAN CUT HIS FOOT AND IS BLEEDING”. A trip to the ER followed, and this is what I learned:
a) Know where your local ER is located. You don’t want to be google searching that at 1am.
b) Keep your bra handy.
c) When you tell your kid to clean his room, follow up! Or at the very least document the mess with photos. You’ll be glad you did.
d) Have a beer/Shot/glass of wine ready at all times to calm your nerves after such event so you can get back to sleep at 3am. (kidding, sort of)

Here’s what happened. Kids were up way too late on a school night watching ipads. Oldest got out of bed to do something and stepped on a glass. Glass broke. Foot cut. Blood gushes and the rest you know.

8 stitches later and crutches for 10 days is what the doctor ordered. I’m driving around an 18 year old and opening doors for him. Until today. He is on his own tomorrow. Best of luck bud. Mama needs a glass of wine for all of this trouble. 🙂

*Photo posted with permission from the 18 year old. Verbal. I probably should have that in writing, huh.

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