7 lakes and a heart in the middle

Let me start this by saying I am a terrible vacation photographer. I know everyone expects me to come back with a ton of vacation photos since I’m a photographer,  but when I’m on vacation, I want to really experience my vacation. I have a camera to my face all day everyday. I don’t want it there when I’m trying to relax. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t see beautiful things and want to take pictures of them. I just find that I don’t ever actually take those pictures.

On this trip I had every intention of shooting the entire trip and blogging about it later. Perhaps this inability to shoot the entire vacation is what’s going to keep me from being a professional blogger. I am okay with that. If someone hires me to shoot their destination (I’m looking at you Quileute Oceanside Resort!)  for commercial purposes or even as a review, I will be more than happy to do that. So yes, you can hire me!

Sorry about that little commercial! Back to Washington.


 One of my favorite things to do is sit by a morning fire with a cup of coffee. We did come to the realization that we need to go all techy with our coffee mugs. Yes, these are light and functional, but coffee stays warm for about 2.1 minutes in them.


Izaak is an absolute dream when it comes to campfire cooking. I don’t know how I got so lucky landing this kickass man.

Heart Lake


We hit the High Divide  trail around 8 or 9 in the morning with the Heart Lake destination in mind (that’s our tent!). I believe we had about 8 miles to hike in before we reached it. The trail up was astounding. Starting so lush and green with dense moss covering everything.

There really is nothing quite like Washington.

Heart lake and me

Hi! We are leaving heart lake. Isn’t it lovely? I think this was my birthday day. Izaak made me oatmeal with freshly picked blueberries. He may or may not have wrestled a mountain goat to get them.

Heart Lake

Bye Heart Lake! Your mosquito were sharp and plentiful but worth the stay!  Say hi, Izaak.

Mount Olympus

This is the view you are rewarded with after hiking out the the heart lake basin. Mount Olympus! We stood here for a while, catching our breath from the hike up, but also to enjoy this stunning view.

7 lakes basin

This is where I suck at vacation photography! I didn’t get a single picture of our second night camping. It’s a shame too because the 7 lakes basin was really crazy beautiful. Our second day of hiking was a short 2.5 or 3 miles. Straight up and straight down. I took a nap in the tent when we got there, totally beat, then sat by the water for a nice long time. It was super cold that night so we retired early to read in the tent.

When I say cold, I really mean cold. My feet were apparently so frozen when I woke up, I put on my boots to a slight stabbing at my left arch. I was tough and kept it together while helping clean up camp. After about, oh I don’t know, 30 minutes, I couldn’t stand it anymore and took off my boot. What should fall out of them? My sunglasses. Yes, I walked on my sunglasses for half an hour without knowing. I would say my feet were properly frozen!

We left the 7 lakes basin area and spent the 3rd day hiking out. I think it was another 8ish miles. Really beautiful hike out too, but did seem a bit more rugged than going in. Fortunately we were going down most of the way. I felt bad for everyone we encountered who were going up!

Our plan was to hit the Sol Duc Hot Springs, but after spending 3 days in the quiet of nature I couldn’t really take the hoards of children splashing around in there. We settled for a beer and wrap at the cafe and headed to Forks*, Washington.

*We had no idea Twilight was set in this town! Neither one of us have ever read the books or watched the movies.