Cotton Candy

There has been pure joy spinning around my house lately. A big new project is in the works. 

Last summer my boyfriend and I went on a long road trip out to Wyoming. It was a grand adventure that I will need to write about soon. On the way home I was sad and pouty about the vacation being over when my man handed me some cotton candy we picked up somewhere. I told him that it is impossible to be sad while eating cotton candy. 

Fast forward to a couple months ago when I had this idea about mixing cotton candy into things. I was obsessed, but I could never get it right. Side note: Cotton candy flavorings do not taste like cotton candy. Well, smack it’s ass and turn it around* and it occurred to me that we could mix stuff in the cotton candy! Guess what, it worked! 

*I don’t think this is a real saying, but I’m using it anyway because it made me giggle. 


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