Chill the f*** out!


I’m trying to find my voice here. I have so many things to write about, but then get overwhelmed wondering what the message is…does every single post have to have a message? Can I write just to write? Um, YES! Yes, I can! It’s my blog, and if I need to get shit out of my head just to let it live somewhere else for a while, then by golly that is what I am going to do.

While in New York a couple weeks ago, I started to get a little twinge in my neck. Thinking it was no big deal I moved on but noticing that I just wasn’t feeling myself. My boyfriend likes to say that phrase when I’m not myself. I figured it was his way of saying ‘chill the fuck out’ without actually saying “chill the fuck out”. Anyway, I get back from NYC, and the twinge gets worse. I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and I went to the doctor. Guess who is the walking ball of spastic nerves and who needs to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Me, that’s who.

So the pain in my neck is a real thing due to stress. Bummer. My prescription is muscle relaxers and chilling the fuck out. Seems like that would be really easy if the muscle relaxers were actually strong enough to make me chill. I’ve prescribed myself with this list…

Morning 5 minute meditation: even if doing that means I’ll be late for work. It’s only 5 minutes and most of the time, during meditation, my phone goes off, and I’m wishing for 15 minutes. Maybe I should give myself 15 instead of 5.

Yoga for shoulders: I’ll post pose links later. These are poses I don’t want documented of myself in or I would post images of me in them and give descriptions.

Food: nothing fried, no sugar, no corn (allergy that I cheat on all the time), little dairy, no wheat, no booze.
Running: I can’t run the long distances to train for Dam to Dam, but I can run 3ish miles, and that is in my comfort zone so I’m happy with that.

Lots of Tigerbalm.

Heating pad and ice, alleve and Ibuprofen

Moral of the story? I should start listening to Izaak when he tells me I’m not being myself, and know that it is time to chill the fuck out.

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