Summer Cocktails


I’m on a hunt to find my 2015 Summer cocktail. There are a few in the running, and I’m going to share one of them with you today. I am all about fruit and herbs being a part of the cocktail. I want real stuff in it. It not only needs to be tasty, but I want it pretty too. I stumbled across a strawberry kombucha cocktail on Pinterest the other day and here is what happened.
You gotta have some good Kombucha which is a fermented tea that you can buy almost anywhere these days, but if you look real hard you can find a good local source. If you are really ambitious you can even make your own. I have tried and failed at making my own. Long story. I prefer to go the local route. The fabulous people over at Agri-Cultured are a totally wonderful and reliable source for this goodness. Look for them at a farmers market near you, and by near you, I mean if you live in central Iowa.
Next get yourself some good strawberries and make a puree!
1 pint strawberries washed and hulled
4 limes juiced (we were out of lime and used tonic water instead, improvise!)
good bit of honey
Blend all of that up in your blender. Should be a little runny. I thought it should be thick but izaak was right that it should be runnier.
NOW put all of that together over ice!
1 part vodka
3 parts kombucha
1 part puree
NOW DRINK and enjoy. You can thank me later.


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