First Post


Traveling down a road well traveled?
Traveling down a road well traveled?

Blogs are like house plants to me. Love them! I look around and see so many amazing, growing, and thriving blogs. They are so beautiful and have purpose for those who create and read them. My problem with owning a blog is that I have a tendency to think ‘Oh, I can have a blog! I will love it, can care for it, and it will grow and be wonderful!’. Then I get one and it starts strong and good and then the reality of actually needing to water and feed it, I mean write and post in it starts to wear me down and it becomes a chore. Soon I am tossing it out with the trash and giving myself a few months to recover from the loss.

When I started thinking about this blog I decided it would be for fun! Happy, happy fun times. Running season has started and, let me just tell you now, I am not a natural runner. You should hear the things going through my head when I’m out running. It’s ugly! Not sure what it is about this tortuous activity that keeps me coming back but I always do, and I’m always happy to finish the run, please note that I did not say start! There are valuable lessons in running. I don’t know what they are just yet, but maybe we can discover them together through this blog. Runaway happy…that’s my new mantra.

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