101 Things in 1001 Days

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Start Date; November 24, 2014
End Date; August 21, 2017
Updated: June 9, 2015

1. Finish a knitting project
2. Make homemade ravioli
3. Host a cocktail party
4. Volunteer in Mexico
5. Dry in July
6. Make my own kombucha
7. Create a photo album from family pictures
8. Run a half marathon
9. Run a 8 minute mile
10. Do a handstand without a wall
11. Pay off credit cards
12. Start a “buy land in Washington” savings account (or buy RV)
13. Hike a portion of the John Muir trail
14. Learn to climb
15. Keep a grateful journal for 21 days
16. Learn to ski
17. Better my German speaking skills
18. Learn Spanish
19. Go camping in Utah
20. Run the Imogene Pass Run 2016
21. Learn to play Blackjack in Vegas
22. Make my own sauerkraut
23. Inspire someone to do something awesome
24. Have a photography show
25. Work full time for myself!
26. Make a risotto
27. Create a budget and stick to it
28. Take a drawing class
29. Learn how to use illustrator
30. Go camping for a weekend alone
31. Hike part of the Pacific Northwest Trail
32. Meditate daily for 30 days
33. Yoga Daily for 60 days
34. Make a 5 minute movie
35. Learn Premier
36. Have a dinner party
37. Create an original cocktail
38. Build a piece of furniture
39. Travel in India
40. Hit the beach in Mexico (christmas 2015)
41. Hot springs in Colorado
42. Run the Rock n Roll half marathon (Nov 2015)
43. Create the wardrobe of my dreams
44. Grow an herb garden
45. Make a piece of jewelry
46. Spend a Fall weekend in NYC (2016)
47. Ice skate at least once
48. Learn to surf
49. Go to a show in LA
50. Expand my istock offerings to 500 images
51. Have a regular teaching gig for photography
52. Develop an online yoga class
53. Create passive income
54. Take a creative writing class
55. Hire Braid Creative to help refine my Brand and/or the Brand
56. Do a cleanse for 21 days
57. See the Grand Canyon 
58. SUP at Lake Powell
59. Kayak on the ocean
60. Learn to crochet
61. Eat Lobster and like it
62. Do Hanumanasana like a boss
63. Crochet an afghan
64. Make homemade Spätzle
65. Write to a penpal once a month for a year
66. Learn to make an entire campfire meal
67. Have a Tapas party
68. Entertain once a month
69. Write a book (coffee table photography book)
70. Decorate bedroom into a cozy retreat
71. Schedule a date night once a week
72. Establish a new holiday tradition
73. Mail a care package to the college bound kid once a month
74. Plant succulent garden in pots
75. Host brunch on a Sunday morning
76. Have a pool party
77. A month of weekly board games
78. Start a crappy bowlers league (must suck at bowling to play)
79. Run to the top of camelback mountain
80. Rent a houseboat at Lake Powell
81. Visit New Orleans
82. Make pretzels from scratch
83. Have an outdoor dinner party
84. Volunteer in new town once a week
85. Finish new portfolio book
86. Land an editorial freelance photography job
87. Go roller skating
88. Lead a destination yoga/photography workshop
89. Remember birthdays of friends and relatives and do something special for them
90. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee
91. Donate artwork to a charity for auction
92. Have 5 pieces of versatile clothing that I love
93. Spend an entire day at home watching movies and eating takeout
94. See a movie in the theatre
95. Order one of those giant sushi boats (August 2015)
96. Share a Jethros Adam Emmenecker
97. Have a picnic outside at a park
98. Surprise the kids with an epic water balloon fight
99. Teach a yoga workshop
100. Go meatless for a month (July 2015)
101. Horseback riding in the desert

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